Do It Yourself Incentive Programs

We help you put together quick incentive programs yourself based on your budget. Click to view/download our sample incentive programs with pricing.

Fixed Budget Incentive Programs
For those who need to know exactly how much the incentive program will cost based on their budget.

Travel Incentive Programs
Nothing motivates like travel. We have travel options for all budget ranges and a number of award earning structures to choose from.

Win-Place-Show Incentive Programs
Our most popular format, participants control their own fate in these incentive programs.

Grand Prize/Drawing Incentive Programs
For those with a limited budget, a grand prize incentive program can stretch your budget.

1-2-3 Incentive Programs
This fun and engaging earn-as-you-go format incorporates a theme to add to the excitement of the incentive program.

Online Points Based Incentive Programs
Like no other, used by many Fortune 500, this online self-managed solution includes over 16,000 options,
you ONLY pay when your goals are attained.

Plateau Incentive Programs
We build custom award catalogs based on your budget. No start-up costs or production costs for the award catalog. Perfect for safety, employee, and holiday awards!

View All Incentive Program Types
Click above for expanded summaries of all of our incentive program types.

We create promotional materials for you like these based on your budget, incentive program format and incentive theme. Call us today to put us to work for you! 800-934-5474.

Incentive Program Audiences

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Employee Motivation
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Incentives Marketplace – Our Competitive Edge

The incentive industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar business creating a whole new category of companies that can help you do everything from designing an incentive program, to creating promotional materials to help you market your program, to fulfillment of your program.

As a full-service incentive company, Incentives Marketplace does more than just offer merchandise for incentive programs. Our goal is to get you from point A to point B by helping you develop ideas that will assist you in accomplishing the goals for your company’s incentive program.

Our services include:

  • Products – Over 2,600 trendy, high quality, premium incentives from 152 top incentive manufacturers. We know what motivates, let us show you what incentive products work!
  • Pitch – incentive award ideas, incentive program themes, marketing brochure/flyer creation and printing, kick-off assistance, ongoing communication strategies, proven turnkey incentive programs
  • Performance – you only pay for the program after it is successful and awards have been delivered, unique awards earning criteria formats, fun incentive program structures, fulfillment directly to the winners so you don’t have to handle any of the awards
  • Promise – with us, 100% of your money is spent on awards, not systems or process

When you partner with Incentives Marketplace, you’re not just partnering with an incentive company. You are partnering with a group of dedicated individuals working collectively with a single purpose in mind – to make sure you get exactly what you want in terms of quality awards, useful ideas, and incentive programs that work and meet your goals.

Simply put, you only pay after the program is successful and the winners receive their awards. We bear all of the risk; we are that confident our solutions will work for you.

Empowerment – “Do It Yourself” Redefined

We help companies put together incentive programs themselves. We don’t charge design, consultation, or planning fees. We feel it is the job of the incentive company to help you determine what the best program structure is for your people. We will develop marketing and communications materials to help you promote the incentive program with your participants.

Don’t spend your incentive program dollars on systems or process. We have over 30 sample turnkey incentive programs online, take a moment and see what we have to offer. With us your incentive dollars are spend on awards, that is our promise.

Contact us today with your specific needs and put our incentive programs and experienced staff to work for you! Call 800-934-5474 or send e-mail to:

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