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Why Incentive Travel Motivates So Well

travel incentives

Listen Ö hear that sound Ö waves crashing, a cool ocean breeze, you sitting on the sand with your eyes closed, a cool tropical drink on your right, your significant other on the left. Then you open your eyes and youíre at your desk. Youíve seen it time and time again in television commercials from companies like Expedia and Travelocity trying to entice consumers to use their services for travel.

As an employer itís easy to understand why travel incentives are so enticing. Leading up to the actual giveaway, people can imagine themselves and their mate or family on this trip, even look forward to the possibility they could earn it.

The nation's largest companies regularly use travel with every critical audience, from employees to top shareholders. The process of getting away together in a far-off land, or any off-site location for that matter, can create bonds that simply don't occur any other way. If sent off together the right way, you get an indelible imprint on the recipients and can open up candid dialogue that helps all participants expand their understanding of how to improve performance. (Incentive Performance Center)

The basic principle is this Ė give them something that they not only want, but will have a lasting effect and engender company loyalty that goes beyond the incentive period. Cash just doesnít do that. Travel gets you away and gives you a break from work while simultaneously rewarding you for your efforts.

Itís a combination thatís hard to deny. But thereís more to it that that. Several studies and statistics of average American workers reveal the many facets of what makes travel incentives such a great motivator.

A recent Incentive Federation study culled a variety of key points relating to the benefits of travel and merchandise incentives versus cash. These include:

-About four of five respondents believe that travel awards and merchandise awards are remembered longer than cash awards.

-Almost two-thirds of the respondents feel that cash awards are remembered for the shortest time.

-Furthermore, about three-fourths of respondents agree that they can build a more exciting, memorable program around travel or merchandise than cash.

-Respondents feel that three out of five (60%) of employees see cash as a part of their compensation package.

Another recent survey conducted by Maritz Travel revealed similar findings. A survey of 2,100 employees found that 89 percent of employees agreed and strongly agreed that they kept the travel incentive program in mind when performing their job. Fully 91 percent of employees agreed or strongly agreed that the opportunity to earn the trip encouraged them to increase their efforts in the program. Finally, 99 percent said they agreed or strongly agreed that incentive travel packages are appealing awards (Maritz Travel).

Based on accumulated studies and surveys, even though no more than 10-30% of your targeted audience will win the travel award, the increased incremental sales of all participants will more than pay for the incentive travel program! In most cases, an incentive travel program is one that just doesnít benefit your employees, it benefits the entire company.

To learn more about travel incentive programs, contact Incentives Marketplace at 800-934-5474, E-Mail:

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