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Brand Model# Price
Seattle Sports053704$89.95
Turbomite Canoe and Kayak Carrier
With a beefy 25mm aluminum frame, our TurboMite is a great cart for most rec users…great for pavement, beach and groomed trails. The small profile makes it easy to stow in most kayak holds, and the bearingless air wheels offer hassle-free performance. New WaveChaser™ wheels and a beautiful emerald green anodized finish make this cart both beautiful and functional. Holds up to 150lbs.   more...
Old Town Canoe01.4045.0003$349.99
Heron 9 (sunrise)
The new Heron series is a result of many decades of building recreational kayaks. A compact, sporty design the Heron is an easy-to-paddle kayak that can track well yet maneuver with ease. Perfect for beginning paddlers who are seeking a stable, light weight kayak that was designed for having FUN on the water.   more...
Ocean Kayak07.6060.6011$399.99
Yak Board Kayak (sunrise)
The Yak is the #1, no hassle, get you surfing in no time, kayak. A smooth bottom and short length make the Yak easy to control and turn on waves, while its width gives you a little extra stability. Also a great play boat on flat water. Paddle sold separately.  more...
Old Town Canoe01.4047.0021$429.99
Heron 9XT
The Heron XT combines comfort and features at an affordable price. Featuring a padded Comfort Flex seat and stern Quick Seal hatch, the Heron XT's are perfect for beginning and recreational paddlers who may want a little extra in an entry level kayak. Designed to perform...the Heron XT series will not disappoint.   more...
Perception Kayaks93596116$549.00
Tribe 11.5
Perception continues the heritage of family fun on the water with the new Tribe series of stackable, sit on top (SOT) kayaks. The Tribe 11.5 is about easy care, ease of use, and good times, all the way down to the bright color options. But don't mistake low maintenance for low performance. This SOT is equally comfortable surfing ocean waves or cruising lakes and lazy rivers. Added length in the 11.5 means more speed, added storage, and an extra boost in the surf. Makes a great all-around boat for larger paddlers.  more...
Old Town Canoe01.2800.7643$549.99
Saranac 146 Canoe (green)
The Saranac 146 features two contoured seats plus a bench seat perfect for smaller passengers. The center bench also includes a covered storage compartment, while bow and stern seats incorporate a variety of extras including cup holders, rod holders and storage trays designed to add convenience and versatility to the canoe. Paddles sold separately. Comes in green  more...
Ocean Kayak07.6010.1011$609.99
Malibu Two Kayak (yellow)
The Malibu Two kayak is perfect for beginner and family kayakers. Extra stable, beamy, comfortable and almost impossible to tip. Three molded in seat-wells allow you to paddle solo, tandem, or with two adults and a child. Wt capacity to 450 lbs. Paddles sold separately.   more...
Ocean Kayak07.6010.6011$609.99
Malibu Two Kayak (sunrise)
The Malibu Two kayak is perfect for beginner and family kayakers. Extra stable, beamy, comfortable and almost impossible to tip. Three molded in seat-wells allow you to paddle solo, tandem, or with two adults and a child. Wt capacity to 450 lbs. Paddles sold separately.   more...
Ocean Kayak07.6160.7051$649.99
Caper Angler Kayak
The ideal compact kayak to carry you to your favorite fishing hole or remote campsite. Suitable for most body types. Stable and easy to maneuver, with a high seat well to keep you dry. Paddle sold separately.   more...
Old Town Canoe01.6501.0002$649.99
Guide 147 Canoe
If you are looking for a stable design, with excellent durability, the Guide 147 is your canoe. The Guide 147, with its unique cross section and stabilizing chines provides plenty of dependability, with room for the family. Paddles sold separately.  more...
Old Town Canoe01.4053.0005$709.99
Twin Heron Kayak
The Twin Heron is a truly unique tandem kayak. Featuring the innovative Auto Trim Hull, the Twin Heron is a tandem that performs well when paddled solo. The Auto Trim Hull is designed to prevent the bow from popping up when someone is seated solo in the stern seat. And, if that's not enough, you can completely remove the front seat making it perfect for your dog to ride along or easy access to your hunting or fishing gear. The Twin Heron is a great option for the outdoors family looking for a versatile craft.   more...
Ocean Kayak07.6200.4055$719.99
Venus 11 Kayak (lime)
The Venus is the first sit-on-top designed specifically for women. Built with the average female body in mind, the Venus is engineered for women to handle on and off the water. Lightweight and easily paddled by someone with shorter arms and torso. Paddle sold separately.   more...
Ocean Kayak07.6256.1055$749.99
Tetra 12 Kayak (yellow)
The Tetra 12, the longer sibling of the Tetra 10, is a low profile craft with clean lines and a sleek design. It glides and tracks through the water with ease. Equipped with the unique Comfort Hybrid seat back the Tetra is ready to ride the minute you hit the water.   more...
Old Town Canoe01.6500.0009$759.99
Guide 160 Canoe
The Guide 160 is designed to deliver exceptional stability and durability. The unique cross-section, and stabilizing chines give you a canoe with more stability than most. Sharp entry provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe. Paddles sold separately.   more...
Perception Kayaks93354342$799.00
Expression 11.0 Red/Yellow
For anyone seeking a stylish, comfortable boat to take out for an afternoon paddle, the all new Expression 11.5 is the ideal answer. A sleek crossover between a recreational and touring kayak, the Expression 11.0 features a stable and maneuverable design that is built to handle a multitude of water environments.Designed with beginner to intermediate paddlers in mind, the Expression's paddling performance builds confidence and skill and is the ideal stepping stone into the world of touring.  more...
Ocean Kayak07.6380.7051$799.00
Prowler 13 Angler Kayak
The Prowler 13 Angler is the perfect choice for kayak fishing. Features an enormous tank well and big bow hatch. The Prowler's length makes it perfect for strong paddlers to cover distances quickly, while its width creates stability and carrying capacity. Paddle sold separately.   more...
Perception Kayaks93220940$869.00
Carolina 12.0
The most versatile touring kayak ever created is in a category of its own. This day or weekend tripper is a performance machine, with great acceleration and speed. The soft chined and V-shaped hull offers stable, smooth paddling. The 12.0 is the perfect size to easily load and offers dry storage for gear to make the most of its capabilities.  more...
Ocean Kayak07.6290.1055$889.99
Malibu Two XL Kayak (yellow)
The Malibu Two XL is a slightly longer version of the popular Malibu Two. The bow and stern seat wells are positioned further apart, so tall paddlers can ride with ease. Considered the most stable kayak in the market, perfect for solo or family kayaking. Paddles sold separately.   more...
Wilderness Systems97538309$899.00
Ride 115 Advance
It's big-time stability and versatility in a small-time kayak. This new addition to the redesigned Ride series has everything paddlers, anglers and hobbyists ask for in a SOT. Massive capacity, straightforward storage, versatile performance, rigability and rock-solid stability. At under 12-feet, there isn't a more portable powerhouse on the market. New features include performance oriented hull, the SlideTrax tool-less outfitting system, and removable/sliding Phase 3 seat.  more...
Old Town Canoe01.3005.0029$899.99
Discovery 158 Canoe
The Discovery 158 is the all-time favorite Old Town Canoe. PolyLink 3 construction. Excellent Maneuverability. Black vinyl gunwales. Roto-molded decks with grab handles. Contoured seats with adjustable backrests. Ash carrying yoke and thwart. 1100 lb. capacity. Paddles sold separately. Comes in red.  more...
Ocean Kayak07.6460.6011$929.99
Zest Two Expedition Kayak
Rated one of the most stable kayaks on the market, the Zest Two Exp is the perfect choice for a day trek or weekend adventure. Features molded-in storage, oversized tank well, side-mounted carrying handles and cup holders. Paddle sold separately.   more...
Mad River Canoes96744140$950.00
Journey 156 - 15'-6" Versatile Canoe
Welcoming and durable design right at home on the lake. Versatile canoe will handle almost any kind of water. Shallow-arch symmetrical hull built for stability/versatilit. 3-layer Triple Tough construction for max durability. Web seats and vinyl gunwale. Canoe capacity of 1,100 lbs.   more...
Mad River CanoesRLAE184201$950.00
Explorer 15 - 15'-0" Recreational Canoe
Signature hull in robust Royalex layup; excels for the family at the beginning of the learning curve as well as for those who crave remote places.  more...
Dagger Kayaks90111312$979.00
Nomad 8.1
Nail your lines with confidence in this well-sized creeker.  more...
Dagger Kayaks90111357$979.00
Nomad 8.1
If records were made to be broken, then the Nomad was made to break them. The world's ultimate creeker has been the kayak of choice for dominating outrageous rivers and descents. With great speed, rock-solid stability, easy rolling, and the ability to turn on a dime, it handles big water or downriver bombing with ease. Built-in safety from 6 attachment points, step-out wall, and rapid resurfacing keeps your focus on the challenges ahead.  more...