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Hotel Certificate

Are you looking for travel ideas that are proven to motivate? If so, a hotel certificate is the perfect incentive award. To view our hotel certificate options complete with business-direct discounted pricing click hereÖ

A hotel gift certificate is so effective in motivating because participants imagine themselves enjoying the free hotel certificate with their significant other, they dream of going to that special location, just the two of them. This, in turn, makes them work harder for the hotel gift certificate.

How many of your Sales Reps have ever spent a night at a Ritz-Carlton? How many would like a long weekend in New York City or Las Vegas? Think of the added pressure their spouse will put on them? You donít have to figure out what will motivate them, they know where, when, and with whom they want to travel.

Let us unlock their hidden motivation with a hotel certificate! All expenses paid, they choose when they go, where to go, and can bring a guest. Letís make it a place they have never gone, or a class of luxury they have never experienced like our Ritz-Carlton hotel certificate.

A recent Incentive Federation study of managers found these results:

- 4 out of 5 believe a travel incentive award is remembered longer than a cash award
- About 3 out of 4 agree that they can build a more exciting, memorable program using travel ideas versus cash

Furthermore, USA Today reported 93% of people surveyed said they preferred a travel incentive award over other incentives.

Your people want travel, it is proven to be successful, why not give them their choice of travel with a hotel gift certificate?

We carry the most comprehensive suite of hotel gift certificate options sold at wholesale pricing to companies to use for a hotel incentive award. Recipients choose when and where they want to go. Hotel room related expenses are covered. No wonder they are so popular.

Give a free hotel certificate as your next incentive award. Click on the links above and contact us today to learn how to unlock the hidden potential in your people.